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New Hires need job-ready competencies. New hires need to become productive faster and stay engaged longer. Teams need to collaborate smarter. And executives need to learn to solve problems more effectively.

Data Analysis using Excel, Storytelling using PowerPoint, BI ETL Fundamentals, Data Visualization, Data Science

RPA Fundamentals, RPA using UiPath, RPA using BluePrism, RPA using Automation Anywhere, Workflow Automation using KNIME/Alteryx

IOT, Cloud, Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, blockchain, Flatter organization, Design mindset

Costing fundamentals, reading financial documents, competitor analysis, inventory management, opportunity lost.

Communication with Empathy, Preparing
for Successful communication and interpersonal communication.

Product Training, Role, Policies, Compliance, Culture, Sales Training

What's the Product?

We’re Building a High-RoI Induction Program

Skills Track

  • Business Analytics
  • Automation
  • Business Acumen
  • Digital Awareness
  • Effective Communication
  • Sales Skills

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Business Analytics

  • Data Analysis using Excel
  • Storytelling with PPT
  • Database and Datawarehousing Fundamentals with SQL
  • BI/ETL Fundamentals BI/ETL with Alteryx
  • BI/ETL with KNIME
  • Data viz Fundamental
  • Data Viz with PBI
  • Data Viz with Tableau
  • Statistics for Business
  • R Programming
  • Python Programming
  • Data Science with R
  • Data Science with Python


  • RPA Fundamentals
  • RPA using UiPath
  • RPA using BluePrism
  • RPA using Automation Anywhere
  • Workflow Automation using KNIME/Alteryx

Digital Awareness

  • Flatter organization structures & collaboration
  • Social – New media literacy
  • Demystifying IoT & Cloud computing
  • Big Data, Analytics, & data driven decision making
  • Emergence of new businesses
  • AI, Machine Learning, & Robotics
  • Design and Innovation Mindset
  • Business Disruption using Mobile
  • Cryptocurrencies and blockchains

Business Acumen

  • Costing Fundamentals
  • Read Financial Documents
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Inventory Management
  • Employee Utilization
  • Opportunity Lost

Effective Communication

  • Communicating with empathy Practicing positive communication
  • Identifying communication styles Approaching difficult conversations Practicing empathy in groups
  • Preparing for Successful Communication Examine ways to connect with your audience Personalizing your content.
  • Distinguish how to communicate with confidence Break down the best ways to exude executive presence.
  • Interpersonal Communication Communicating with your colleagues.
  • When to use the phone or send an email Interpreting nonverbal cues
  • Asking your boss the right questions
  • Knowing when to listen and when to speak
  • Communicating in tricky situations
  • Handling an interruption
  • Responding to critical feedback

Customized Skills

  • Your Content
  • Product
  • Job Description
  • Company Policies
  • Company Culture
  • Sales Training

Check Testimonials For Our Satisfied Participants


We recently brought trainers from Yoda Learning Solutions to Nepal for Advanced Financial Modeling training on an international donor-funded project and they were excellent!
In addition to the standard course content, which by the way they tailored to our business needs, we also benefited from many extra time-saving tips, tricks, and tools.
The facilitators are not only technically very knowledgeable, but also genuinely helpful and have a clear desire to help professionals work smarter, not harder. Thanks for a week very well spent!”

Karnika Bhalla
Director of Finance, Deloitte Consulting LLP

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